Simple and proven ways to be a better Airbnb host

Simple and proven ways to be a better Airbnb host

Love being an Airbnb host and meet with new people every day? When you like your job so much you must be thinking that how can you improve the whole thing and give a better experience for your guest. Even if you cannot be super host you want to be one who will be there in the mind of their guests always. It’s not only the Airbnb listing, but your guest should also recommend you to their friends while they think of coming to your place. These tips will prove to be useful for you.

Make them feel at home with holiday decorations

When guest are traveling many feel bad for their home and if you can give them a feel of home nothing like that. Every holiday has its own unique decorations, thus decorate your Airbnb accommodation with the respective holiday decoration. The guest will feel better and feel like they are at home.

Share a meal with your guests

This is not mandatory but sharing meal with them will make them feel more at home. They will think that they are at any friends home and not a rented accommodation. This will lift up their mood and they will always remember you as a host who had considered them as their family member. It’s better if you share an authentic meal with them. This will give them idea about the local food that will be an added experience for them.

Help them by making a walk able map

Most of the time Airbnb are not located at the downtown! Means that guest are staying at a far place from the main amenities. No issues, once they are at your place give them a walk able amp that will show them how far is everything from your place and how easily can they get there. This will make them feel like they know the locality and of course will like the idea.

Give them a floor plan

Along with providing them with the map you can also give them the floor plan of the property. It will give them idea about where they are staying and how to manage things. All these will make them feel like they are with someone who takes care of every bit of their convenience. Make them feel at home.

Do not fix check in and out, if possible

There are many guests who will have odd check in and check out time. If you do not fix anything for them they will find it easier as they can plan things accordingly.

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