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       The heart of PLWP is itís people.  The beating of the heart is shared in the PLWP Chat Room!  Our primary focus is YOU...your quality of life!  Whether you have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD), are "SHARE PARTNER" to a person diagnosed with it or have an interest in PD, we hope you find a home here.

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"If you are one of the more that 40 million Americans who have a movement disorder, the Life in Motion Campaign activities offer hope and help."   Life in Motion Campaign  

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Survey 2003: Classic Symptoms of PD May Not Be the Most Disabling Harris Poll Results 228 Total Participants, 151 PLWP Members  Joint Press Release       Complete Results

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First  Survey RESULTS Did you have DBS-STN surgery?  Introducing a new survey, Focus 2, to better understand the relationship between depression and the quality of life in people who had DBS-STN. If you or someone you know had DBS-STN at least 6 months ago, we at DBS-STN.org would like to hear from you.   Please call  toll free at 1-800-579-8440 or CONTACT US.

PLWP Co-Founders honored, Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award Presented by Parkinson's Unity Walk 2003    

Parkinson's community websites owned and operated  by people living with Parkinson's.   Working together...WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE

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