Yahoo Chats..........Back Door

A big complaint to the Yahoo Groups Chatrooms, has been the very small screen. This applies to PLWP2, Dumpster Gang, DBS, ETC..

Terry Bowers sent me the instructions to get in through the back door, thus it’s a quicker entry, & a big screen. I recommend going to a chat room with a friend BEFORE chat time, & getting “tuned in.”.

This is meant as a quick down and dirty tutorial on how to set up the chat room full screen. You begin by using yahoo messenger, remember that's the little box usually over there on the right hand side of your screen with the lists of all your chat friends. The first way to do this is to know if someone is currently in the chat room. Point to their name and right click. This will bring up a pop up menu. Select the choice that reads " join user in chat ", and viola! You are magically transported into the chat room. Another way to do this is to have one of your friends invite you into the chat room. This is done by selecting from the top menu, friend, then invite to chat room. Follow the prompts and you will join the conference. Now most important to keep from having to do this over and over again is to save this chat room. you do this by selecting from the Main menu, file , favorites, add. That way when you start yahoo messenger you can come back to this very room by selecting, tools, Yahoo's chat, favorite rooms. And again viola! You're back in the chat room.

We’ll have a PLWP2 chat at 1:00 pm & 9:00 pm EST, on Tuesday. I also suggest you support the other Parky chat rooms. If enough people are on line at different times, then there will always be some one here for those in need, when needed.

You can make chat suggestions at

Come join as. You can poke fun at us, as long as you have fun with us. My co-host, Ryan Tripp & I, Jimmie “Toad” Turner, need your wisdom, input, & general support.